We are incredibly proud to present our second BRWN HIVE release, the track “Balance” by Chilean born/Minnesota based artist Talia Knight! When we first heard the track, we couldn’t wait to release it and add her to our roster of BUZZN Artists. We asked Talia a few questions to get more insight on her musical journey.

Walk us through your creative process. Do you have a certain flow when you create music or does it differ every time?

My creative process is different every time, but one thing I stay true to is not forcing myself. If I feel inspired, I can make a pretty finished beat in about an hour. Usually come back to it to touch things up later, but if I’m sitting there struggling to make something happen, I leave it alone and move on to the next idea. I feel like things flow better that way and when you force yourself, it makes you feel shitty and you start to question yourself. I have this theory that artists/musicians/creators are messengers of something else.. like a higher force of some sort. So when the the message is clear, that’s when we have to make it. If it’s not, move on to the next.

Yes I definitely know what you mean! So tell us, how did you get started doing music?

I’ve been involved in art and music since I was young because my whole family is very artistic. My older brother is a bassist. I have a cousin who went to school for theater, my mom taught me how to play guitar when I was a teenager, I’ve taken piano lessons and some drum lessons. So I’ve been around it all my life. But I started making beats when I started listening to a lot of instrumentals, artists like Flying Lotus, J Dilla, Tokimonsta. I met a lot of producers online (who are still my friends now) who encouraged me to try making beats. They always said I had a “producer personality” whatever that means! But I guess they were right. It felt very natural to me.

Tell us more about your background and how does that influence your art?

Well I was born in Chile, but have lived most of my life here in Minnesota. It was quite a change, and a culture shock when I first moved here. I would say me being an immigrant influences my art a lot. I haven’t even traveled that much, but I feel like I’ve spent my life trying to get people to understand that there’s other countries out there. It might be because nobody knew where Chile is when I first moved here, and I had to explain myself a lot. It always seemed like the people I was around felt like the US was the world and that’s it. When it’s not! There’s so many beautiful cultures out there. So I would always befriend people of other countries and ethnicities growing up. When I first started making music, I would sample a lot of music from other countries because I genuinely love listening to that. It’s fun to incorporate a more worldly sound to hip hop beats. That’s why I’m such a big M.I.A. fan because she has been doing exactly that, not only with her music but also with her visual art, which is really dope.

Very dope! What’s in the works? Any upcoming projects we should know about?

Currently working on my album, follow up from my EP “Nocturna” The hardest part for me is trying to create a cohesive sounding project, since I don’t sing or rap, the music has to speak for itself. My goal is to have it out by June, my birthday month. It will be mostly instrumentals as usual, but might have a couple features as well.

If you could collaborate with any other artist who would it be?

I always think of ways my live shows could be eventually. What I enjoy about producers/beatmakers is how the music speaks for itself, like I said before. So for live shows, it’s really about creating an atmosphere. I would love to team up with someone like Yayoi Kusama for example, and create a really awesome visual experience to go along with my music. It would be so dreamy and unforgettable. I definitely want to collaborate with visual artists this year and make some cool videos for my music, preferably something really abstract and kinda trippy.

Any advice for other music makers?

My advice would be to stay true to yourself and your values. I’ve only been in the music scene for a little bit, but I’ve noticed (and struggled with it myself) how easy it is to get caught up in other bullshit that has nothing to do with the music. Some people start to care more about the money, the blogs, the competitive aspect, the popularity. Remember why you got into this in the first place…it was most likely because it’s a way to express yourself, because you love music and being a creator. It’s easy to lose that. I’m really not about that life, if I wanted to compete in anything, I would’ve gotten into sports. There’s more than enough room for everyone. That’s the beauty of music, there’s something for everyone. So even if you make something that you think is shit, someone somewhere will think it’s really great! also advice to women who want to produce and make beats: JUST DO IT. Don’t be shy, don’t be intimidated. There’s something special about women creators, we have something different to offer because our energy is different. Keep working at it, and share it with the world!

Thank you to Talia for blessing us with her track Balance available for a free DL above! You can check out more of her dope music here, I especially like an edit she did of Hiatus Kaiyote’s Laputa. Will be keeping my eye out for her upcoming album, definitely excited to hear that. Make sure you peep her work and show her some love!

photo cred: Darin Kamnetz